Trial Skills for Forensic Interviewers Training


Virtual (Zoom)


This intensive workshop is designed to help the child forensic interviewer develop and refine their ability to testify in court as an expert and/or lay witness. This is not a protocol-specific training. There are no prerequisites required to enroll. This program is appropriate for all experience levels, but it is specifically aimed at child forensic interviewers with minimal or no experience testifying in court, as well as experienced interviewers who are uncomfortable testifying.

  • Gain practical skills that will make you more comfortable and confident when testifying in court, including how to:
    • Effectively prepare for court
    • Testify as an expert
    • Handle evidence and exhibits
    • Deal with problems in the case and/or your interview
    • Work with difficult attorneys
  • Practice and improve your ability to defend your interview and stay in control when testifying on cross-examination.


May 4-6, 2022, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm





For additional information, contact [email protected].


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May 6, 2022