“We are dealing with very difficult topics so having the structure, having a guide on some of the questions to ask, what kind of tools to use in different situations, can help you go through the interview in a more productive way.”

Alma Jimenez

Prince George’s County Department of Child Services


Following an effective and outstanding training of the Forensic Interview Toolbox (FIT) Training in February (2020), attended by the Kent County Child Advocacy Centers (KCCAC) primary Forensic Interviewer and CAC coordinator, the KCCAC is utilizing the FIT guidelines in practice. The FIT guidelines provide excellent structure for the Forensic Interviewer to follow and perform best practice standards, allowing for narrative practice that is trauma-responsive. The KCCAC upon completion of the FIT training, has implemented FIT into practice for CAC referrals recommended for Forensic Interviews. Child victims served are disclosing more since we implemented the FIT guidelines as FIT has supported our process immensely (particularly pre-interview, narrative practice and open-ended question selection based on the case referral needs and barriers).

Rachel Boyle

Coordinator, KCCAC

I have recently had the opportunity to attend FIT training taught by Crimson and her highly trained team of forensic interviewers. The protocol addressed many of the gaps in other protocols and provided guidance on the many nuances that interviewers are faced with. It is heavily researched, thorough, and adaptable- allowing for a smooth transition into our CAC practice. The forensic interview team at BCAC was incredibly knowledgeable, engaging, and experienced. I highly recommend this course to any forensic interviewers- from those with no experience to those with years of experience.

Lauren Krasko

Lead Forensic Interviewer, Talbot County CAC (Maryland)

I wanted to thank you for the week of FIT training this past June. I have gone to a lot of trainings in my time and the FIT training was one of the best I have ever had the opportunity to attend! Thank you so much for the thoughtful way you and your team constructed the training and all of the invaluable information you shared!

Please let me know if you decide to host another round of training geared towards preparing to testify in court – I would very much like to attend if this is offered.

Kendall Patterson

Anne Arundel State’s Attorney's Office

It was very helpful and informative! Understanding how to have some form of structure in a forensic interview was needed and this training helped me a lot as a new worker in CPS.

March 2021 Participant

Forensic Interviewing Best Practices

The entire content and organization of the workshop was helpful for me.

June 2021 Participant

CAC 101

It will help me slow down while interviewing teenagers as well as adults. Focusing on rapport and open-ended questions will get me better information from the victims.

August 2021 Participant


The mock trial and the mock interviews were very helpful. I was able to get a lot more out of this training than Child First and feel better prepared so I appreciate that.

September 2021 Participant