Forensic Interview Toolbox (FIT) Training




5400 Preakness Way, Baltimore, MD 21215-5880


Current forensic interview research, tele-forensic interviewing, child development, use of media/evidence, memory & suggestibility, interviewing with cultural competence, and dynamics of abuse. This NCA accredited 32.5-hour training includes comprehensive instruction on Center for Hope’s Forensic Interview Toolbox (FIT), forensic interview protocol. FIT is a research based, narrative, semi-scripted, and phased approach to interviewing. FIT methods can be applied to obtain both accurate and complete narratives from victims and witnesses. The FIT class teaches a broad range of best practice tools while also providing interviewers a clear guideline for questioning. Interviewers can use the FIT guideline as it is taught or utilize best practice tools learned to adapt to their individual jurisdiction’s population and protocols. The participants will be provided comprehensive narrative materials to accompany them in any interview or in preparation for defending their interview in court. Participants will learn best practices for questioning children and vulnerable adults (elder abuse and adults with disabilities). Practice interviews and mock trial will enhance learning along with content experts from legal, elder justice and interview research. Lunch will be provided.


June 6 – 10, 2022, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm


Tuition: $1050/$1000 early bird (paid by May 6, 2022)
Reduced Tuition for MDT Partners (Maryland): $850/$800 early bird (paid by May 6, 2022)
Maryland Children’s Alliance Scholarship: First 8 MDT partners (Maryland) to register will be given scholarships; see below for requirements

In order to be eligible for the Reduced Tuition or MCA scholarship, you must be a professional who is part of a Child Advocacy Center (CAC) Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) in Maryland (LE, prosecution, child protective services, mental health or medical providers) who will be tasked with providing forensic interviews in cases of child abuse (or child sexual assault).



*Verification of fully vaccinated status OR a negative pre-entry PCR testing result (completed 3 days before arrival) in combination with a rapid negative testing result administered on site will be required by all attendees.
For additional information, contact [email protected].



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May 6, 2022