Tele-Forensic Interviewing

Current Research

During the COVID-19 pandemic, some child interviewing professionals turned to tele-forensic interviewing (tele-FI) to keep children, families, and staff safe from the virus. At the Center for Hope we have conducted over 700 tele-forensic interviews. The use of tele-FI is supported by research that has found it produces comparable testimony to traditional-face-to-face interviews (Dickinson et al., 2021). Our current study will provide field data to complement existing lab research, which will guide further development of tele-FI as a specialized interviewing tool. This project is a collaboration between Center for Hope and researchers at Montclair State University.

Dickinson, J.J., Lytle, N.E., & Poole, D.A. (2021). Tele-forensic interviewing can be a reasonable alternative to face-to-face interviewing of child witnesses. Law and Human Behavior.  


Tele-Forensic Interview Technical Support

To help our colleagues across the country, the FIRE team provides support via email for questions regarding tele-forensic interviewing practice or implementation/set up: [email protected]. Send us a message! We’re here to help!

Archived Webinars

Tele-Forensic Interviewing: A National Panel (recorded on 1/5/21)

A panel of forensic interviewers from across the U.S. discuss how they implemented TFI. We review screening tools, choices on technology and security, safety and protocol decisions, successes and challenges. Responses to the TFI process by the interviewers, team and children are discussed along with ideas about what role TFI has in our future. Includes Q & A with the audience. Panelists: Christina Copland, forensic interviewer, Blount County Children’s Advocacy Center, Maryville, TN; Katie Ashburner, MSW, forensic interviewer, Blue Sky Bridge, Boulder, CO; Rachel Booker, manager of forensic services at Safe Shores, Washington, D.C.; Ray Olszewski, Jr., LMSW Forensic Interview Specialist at the Metropolitan Children’s Advocacy Center in Columbia, SC; Miriam Wolf, MS, LCSW Director of the Forensic Interviewing Program at the Keller Center in San Mateo County, CA; Annie Waller, LMSW Forensic interviewer at the Baltimore Child Abuse Center. Moderated by Crimson Barocca, LCSW-C Forensic Interview Program Supervisor at Baltimore Child Abuse Center.

Tele FI Practice & Protocol Development Webinar (recorded on 11/13/20)

With no clear end of COVID-19 in sight and hundreds of tele-forensic interviews (TFI) under our belt we have many successes and challenges to share. This training provides real case examples and direction on how to create and improve existing protocols on TFI practice. As skepticism fades on TFI, we discuss emerging scenarios of the benefits of this practice beyond COVID.

Tele-Forensic Interview Webinar (recorded on 4/8/20)

With the arrival of COVID-19, forensic interviewers across the nation are looking for innovative ways to safely conduct forensic interviews. Tele-forensic interviewing has come to the forefront as a viable and defensible option. We review new research, how to implement into practice and discuss guidance from National Children’s Alliance.